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ok ive been reading the posts and lurking, finally i registered:thumbup: this is a great site very helpfull:notworthy:
just wanted to pass on some info on great deals on corona brushes.
i brought 30 corona cortez brushes 6 three inch, 12 two and half inch and 12 one and a half inch on ebay for $150:eek:
if you go on ebay type in corona brushes.
the guy i dealt with is lira 1620 and he was great fast service and a great price, every week he has listings this week he just has 12 two and a half inch excaliburs for $120, ive not used these brushes.
im sure next week he will have a s load of others as he seems to post lots every week or two so if you are after a great deal check this guy out.
like i said go back everyweek to see what is posted.
and im not connected with him i brought brushes from him and saved a ton.
my feedback for him is under dina my girlfriends ebay account.
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