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Has anyone had any success placing ads for their services on their local Craig’s List?
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I only advertise on craigslist and it has kept me busy i think because 90 percent of my work is as a specialty coating applicator so not much competion in my trade.i do bathtubs/sinks rain or shine so work environment/climate is no problem since all work is done indoors.usually 7 out of 10 calls will schedule refinishing jobs avg 250.00 for 2-4 hours of work but also do 6-900.00 multi refinish jobs.craigslist is extra money as i have my regulars like real estate/property management cos so it comes in handy when my regs are slow,i mostly place ads every other or few days apart and cost to place ads are zip :thumbsup: .:eek: i also offer from time to time interior and exterior painting services but there are to damn many :censored: unlicensed painters and low ballers to make a decent living advertising on craigslist.
******** That is a very good ad,my lame ad gets me plenty of work but would like a pro ad like yours i'm sure the phone will not be resting and sales will no doubt be up once i update my sorry azz do you post pictures,i have not figured it out yet.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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