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Has anyone had any success placing ads for their services on their local Craig’s List?
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That's the type of stuff you find on craigslist.

When things are slow to desperate I do advertise there. Don't answer any ads, place your own.

Since I work alone, it only takes one decent job. There is a legitimate craigslist community out there. You just have to filter through the junk to find them. Of course, my experience only applies to Las Vegas.
I placed some ads a week ago and now I get it, craigslist blows!

I have done the local give away publications and door knockers in the past. All they yielded were enough jobs to pay the adverising. I can think of more fun hobbies. Getting into the rip off advertising business must be where the real money is.

My friend says the sign business is good because there are always people going in and out of business.
It's slow for a lot of people right now. One of the top shops in vegas placed an ad on tv. Literally, showing live monkeys opening dresser drawers.
Telling people not to hire monkey, hire him. LOL. But it goes to show the level of advertising it really takes, to be really sucessful.

The company is Vegas painters. Great web site and it looks like a really good business.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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