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Craig's List

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Has anyone had any success placing ads for their services on their local Craig’s List?
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Happy new year to all,

Most cases of people applying to ads or posting ads are looking for the cheapest possible price... Once in a while you can get a couple good jobs but it doesnt happen often... If you are really slow it will get you some leads but often doesnt pan out!!!! I say that 1 OUT OF 20 CALLS GETS U A JOB, WHICH MEANS YOULL BE GOING OUT PRICING JOBS WHICH MEANS TIME WASTED, GAS MONEY SPENT AND DEALING W/ A LOT OF CHEAP NO IT ALLS!!!!!! NOT TO MENTION WHO WANT YOU TO GAVE THEM A PRICE OVER THE PHONE WHICH IS NOT HAPPENENING WITH ME!!!!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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