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Dancing with the Stars

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I've watched this show from season 1. It is a great show. I didn't realize the season started tonight, or I would have written ahead of time. I highly recommend it. And tomorrow I'll tell you why.

Brian Phillips
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I've only seen it a couple times, but it was interesting to see 'usually confident' people acting out of their comfort zone.
PWG identified one of the aspects of the show that is quite enjoyable. Witnessing someone get out of his comfort zone is both fascinating and inspiring.

But there is more to the show than that. Unlike some reality shows, there is a tremendous camaraderie among the contestants. They share a common value—learning a new skill—and support and encourage one another.

The entire spirit of the show is one of benevolence and enjoyment of life. Even if you don’t enjoy dancing (which I didn’t when I first started watching) this show can get you hooked.

Dancing with the Stars is a refreshing change.

Brian Phillips
I neglected to mention one of the best parts of the show. My wife pointed it out to me.

The professional female dancers are hot. They wear some very sexy outfits. The dances are sexy.

And the men are generally good looking. Some of them might be called hot, though I'm not a good judge of such things.

BTW, I'm not receiving any endorsement money for this.

Brian Phillips
I'll be looking forward to watchin Shannon Elizabeth dancing - I still have the playboy magazine where she posed naked - she's a hottie!
Brian, good comeback talking about the hot ladies LOL

Christine is addicted to the show. Her and her mother went to the live one in Philly a few weeks ago. I hate dancing. Probably because I am not built to dance. Unless you can envision a rectangle looking graceful.
Me trying dancing is like Donald Trump trying to rap.

I have the 2-step down pretty good, but thats just about it. So I'll just nurse my beer and watch other people do it better.
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