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I bought a house in 2016 and it had this cedar siding on the front. 5 years later it was flaking yellow stuff of it so I called for a contractor to come over. They told me it was called rawhide or something like that and was very difficult to strip.

They gave a quote and said they'd done it before.

So they used a citrus stripper and then pressure washed it for around 2 or 3 days. Then took a handheld grinder to it.

2 days later they came back, applied stain, called it a job well done and wanted payment.

I'm looking at it and it just looks... awful... the wood looks 10 years older and chewn up, the color is completely uneven. I'm not even sure what to do with it.

There fuzzy yellow garbage all over.

The contractor seemed surprised I thought this was wrong.

So I have a few questions.

Is this normal?

Did they just destroy my siding?

How do I fix it? I've debated saying f it and just replacing with new boards at this point... can this be saved?

Thank you!
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