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Does anyone do this anymore?

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Do you use a tack cloth after sanding trim, or just a rag?

Do you strain your paint daily, or just when its chunky?

Do you label all the T/U paint for the client, or just leave it bare?

Do you vacuum the jobsite daily, or just if it needs it, or when finished?

Do you pole/screen sand the walls between coats?

Or is there any other little detail you do that sets you apart from the other hacks?
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Neither, I use a dust brush

Depends on if it takes more than 2 days to do the job, then, daily.



Yes, screen

I'm good, you aren't. ;)
As needed
Sand after Prime
There is a lot that sets me aside from the other hacks-that's why I'm well known, busy, growing, steady, consistant, reliable, clean, respectful...........the list grows
I use a tack cloth for the treads on stairs. other than that i am like Benn.
When it is chunky or if it has been sitting for a couple of days.
I label all paint.
I do new construction primarily so i clean up at the end of the job.
Yes screens between coats.
I am good and very reliable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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