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Door Hangers

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I have a company that has been delivering 5,000 door hangers a month in different areas each month. I also have been using proximity mailing roughly 100 homes per job and new movers monthly for the last 4 months. I think we have had maybe 5 calls from all of this. The ROI isn't working for me. Do any of you have much success with these methods?o
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The problem may also be your message. You only have a second to get a household to look at your advertisement. Especially a door hanger, at least from my own experience. Think about what would grab your attention.

A door hanger can be a great, low cost marketing tool for contractors. The downfall is if it looks like all the others, then it gets tossed like all the others.

This simply means your call back rate will be extremely low, but there are ways to improve your hanger.

For the best result be sure to have some type of compelling message, or be willing to be treated like the pizza boy, maid service, Chinese take-out menu, etc...
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