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Door to door pitch

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I am pretty slow as of late and plan of going door to door in my area. Any suggestions on how I should do this. I do not do a lot of advertising. Almost all of my work is word of mouth. I do not want to sound desparate. I am new to the area and want to target it anyway. Should I just hand out cards or other literature. Any help would be great. Thanks Mike
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I personally don't like it whensomeone knock on my front door and try to sell my something.:no:

So, Please do not knock on my front door.
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While I agree that Timhag's exceptional searching ability is invaluable, I still like to see new members post questions, whether they have been hashed over or not. Sometimes, new ideas/problems/issues come to light, and it keeps the content fresh.

:yes: :yes: :yes:
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