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drips drips everywhere

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hello all.....i am getting ready to do an interior job and the previous painter (who i think is actually the homeowner but they wont admit it)left soooooooooooooo many drips.......all along the tops of the walls have almost like a border of drips..........all the trim and doors have massive amounts of drips..........ive never really seen anything this bad before..i would welcome all tips and suggestions from anyone and everyone on how to get rid of this mess before i start painting......:blink:
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Sandpaper and elbow grease. Sometimes you can use a 6" stiff putty knife to shear them off first. Or a razor blade scraper.
Yes i agree, scrape off the runs, sand, skim with mud, prime the mud spots. Then get back to the top coat.
Scrape and sand, scrape and sand....

thank you all!!! is the day..........i guess ill be scaping and sanding and mudding allllllllllllllllllllll day long:eek:
I hope you charged for it...
take aLOT of pictures.

fix what you can in a reasonable amount of time (your call).

keep pictures.
sounds fun

how'd the first day turn out?

well the first day went ok, considering the carpal tunnel syndrome has kicked in......anyway, new situation is the drips on the sofa.......which by the way i did not see during the estimate nor did i take pictures of and naturally it is my doing:blink: .and of course the paint color is the same as what im using now........even though i covered everything with drop clothes.but my fault since i have no proof i did not do does anyone know of anything to get this off the sofa........only a few drops but enough to ruin my attitude and my day when i am at this job.........any suggestions.........:censored:
Oops! or Goof Off!

Some Oops! or Goof Off! on a rag might do it if they are old
Might need a toothbrush (I use ProWallGuy's for that stuff, and cleaning grout)

Test it first, make sure it doesn't mess up the couch

In reality, if they are yours, water and some scrubbing should take care of them

I hear ya though, most of the houses out here are white exterior trim
It never fails that I'm cleaning up some bird poo that somehow "I" left on the bluestone terrace that "wasn't there before"
Of course not-it's Bird Poo ma'am...I sure didn't leave it...bah easier to just clean it
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If they are not yours you have a shady client, and if they are they will come off easy.Oops or Goof off, i like Oops myself. Do a test spot in a discreet area. If all goes ok it should remove drips or splatters
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