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Driveway Sealer Estimate

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one of my past customers wants me to seal her is in good condition, no cracks or anything.....although i have done this in my own home one time, i dont have a clue as to how to estimate this job.....i dont rmember how long it took me whn i did mine, not to mention the interuptions (kids) that made me have to keep stopping.....i know what the materials will cost me, but dont know what the "going rate" is for somthing like this.....anyone have any suggestions
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If you have the right tools, you can charge about $1 or so per sq ft and make money. If you have a hydroscrubber and a good pressure washer you can finish 1000 sq ft in less than two hours. Sherwin Williams has two new water repellents that are super easy to use and work tremendously well. These products are a 40% siliane and a 7% siloxane. You can use them on any kind of masonry - concrete, brick, stone, stucco, block. No asphalt. They don't change the appearance of the surface either. You can apply this with brushes, rollers, airless sprayer and even a pump sprayer. They wont mar glass or flasing either. You just spray on and leave it. easy. The silane is much stronger but it costs more, contains high VOCs, and can hurt plants. The siloxane has zero VOCs and is "green friendly"
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