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Should the drywaller dust their walls, or the painter

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Well, learn from this, and put it in your bid, that the walls should be dust free, or you'll charge extra. I cannot recommend more highly that you write a quote template (or several) , and add to it whenever you run across more things like this. Cover your bases. It might not even demand that the walls be dusted, but simply something like "Will the walls be dusted prior to my arrival, or will I be responsible for wall dusting?" Give them a long list of questions: "Will the floors be covered by the GC, or is that my responsibility?" "What stage of construction will the painting happen? Before tile? Floors? cabinets?" The more knowledge you have, the better you can prepare, and charge accordingly. If you dont want to dust walls, give them a HIGH price to do it yourself, and they'll be WAY more likely to make the drywallers do it.

I just do wallpaper these days, but I have a template I send everyone that wants a quote, and I have another little message before I start the job. Not to mention, the contract, which has all kinds of stipulations, but the more things you can put out there, the less surprises youll end up with. Plus, anything you get in writing you can throw right back at people, cuz its documented.

Heres my pre-job list I send out:

Just a few things before I start your project:

I will need close by parking. I try not to park in driveways, unless the street is a good distance away. Please keep that in mind, especially if its trash day, and there are bins on the curbs.

Client is responsible for making sure the correct amount of material has been delivered, and all rolls are from the same run/batch number.

Please have area cleared of all personal/small/fragile items before I arrive. I need at minimum, three feet of space in front of walls. I can move most furniture and stuff, but I am by myself, so if anything is too heavy for one person, I need to know in advance.

I may need a sizeable (6'x10') area to setup a paste table. Think about where a good placement would be.

If I am working in a bathroom, please remove all items, and make sure room is clean and sanitized, especially toilet areas, that I will need to get up close and personal with. I will remove and reinstall electrical, towel racks, removable mirrors, lights etc. If there are any very fragile/expensive lights, please make me aware beforehand. In rare cases, an electrician may need to be called to remove, and reinstall.

Please direct me to a restroom you'd prefer me to use while working.

I will usually prime the area before hanging. Be aware that the primer is rather pungent. If anyone in the household has health issues, is pregnant or there are infants, it may be advisable to vacate the house for the day, depending on house size, area to be wallpapered etc.

Payment can be cash, check, or paypal, venmo, or card if needed, but there may be a 3% fee charged for digital transactions.

If in doubt or have questions about anything, please text me at xxxxx

Make sure I have your address and phone number as well.

Thank you for choosing Woodco Paint and Wallcoverings.

Make your own to suit your needs, but its a digital world, and its stupid not to take advantage of it. I keep all my templates and stuff in my dropbox on my phone, so when people call or text about quotes, I email them the appropriate template. My phone messages also tell them to text me an email address if they want a quote. Then I cna take a quick break, and copy and paste my message, and shoot them an email, and deal with it when I get home.

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All materials remain property of Joe Painter until all materials and labor are paid in full.

Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written order and will become an extra charge over and above what is stated in this Proposal. All agreements are contingent upon delays beyond our control.
Stuff like that can be saved for the actual contract.

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WOw thank you for your detailed help! I really like telling them that information in a written form instead of verbally. theres no room for not having what I need , or getting lots of unexpecteds. Im implementing these sggestions with my own wording, immediately. Thank you from Detroit!!
Sure. Heres my quote form, which is only for wallpaper, so it probably wont apply to you, but take what you will from it...

Hi, Im Chris, from Woodco Paint and Wallcoverings. If you'd like a wallpaper quote, please do the following. To keep your cost down, I can quote most jobs from home with a little help from you:

Note: Before you go any further, I dont install peel and stick.


***For quote information: Please DO NOT call, text or message through websites such as thumbtack! I will go through my emails when I am home. Email gives me easy reference, and doesnt notify my phone, and distract me from the job at hand. Please allow up to a day or longer, if its a big job. I try to do quotes either early evening, or early in the morning. Emails do occasionally get lost, so please follow up if you havent heard from me after 48 hours.

What I need: (You may have given me some, or all of this, thats okay. Please restate anything so I can use the email for reference.)

#1: Measurements: accurate ceiling height and wall lengths, ignoring doors and windows. Square footage means very little to wallpaper, so keep it length, height and width please. More complex rooms might need a little more guidance.

#2: An online link to your chosen material, or at least the name of the company and the pattern name or number, so I may look it up and know exactly what I'd be working with. If you have already purchased, please tell me how much you have.

#3 Pictures. (Video works as well)A close up of the wall surface, so I can determine whether a float or liner is required. Also, general pictures help me a lot as well. Pictures of windows, doors, cabinets, sink areas, tile etc, or anything else odd on the walls so I know what to expect. Feel free to take several, especially in bathrooms, as they usually have some complex features.

#4 Location. What part of town are you in? If it is a multi level building, gated community, or will otherwise have difficult parking or load in situations, please let me know.

Large jobs, or complex rooms may require me to come out in person to measure. A small deposit may be required.

*pricing is good for 90 days.

Thank you very much, and I'll be looking forward to your project!
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