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Should the drywaller dust their walls, or the painter

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In my neck of the woods, it’s actually the GCs responsibility to ensure we have a clean environment to spray in. Sure, the drywallers clean up a bit, but the builder is generally the one who has the air filter equipment, uses a blower on the walls and does the “final vacuum “ before we arrive. It’s been my experience that there’s no point in trying to get other trades to clean up after themselves, it never goes far. If things do get to a point where I deem it unacceptable and I have to clean, we track the time, note who’s mess/tools/content it is and bill the GC. Things have a way of sorting themselves out after that

* quick edit- however we do dust down walls in the corners of walls/ceilings before we spray- more as a QC measure than cleaning up after someone
Yes. I agree. I don’t trust drywallers or the contractor to completely dust walls and trim before we paint so we go over it well before priming. Even if they do dust everything there is most likely dust in the air that settles.
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