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dual orafice tips

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I heard about them on PT. I used the 312 on some oil semi-gloss kitchen cabinet doors yesterday. Those tips are awsome. Why would anybody mess with hvlp when these tips work this well. You do have to strain the heck out of the material though.
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What are they? What's the difference from FF tips. What's the cost?
I bought/used one on a mantle and coffered ceiling I did a few months ago, the difference was amazing, went on like glass and only got better as it cured.
They are from 27 bucks I think is what I paid. Well worth it.
I'm curious as well, how do they compare to Fine Finish tips, which are pretty expensive around Memphis from what I remember....?

They are 22 bucks from Painters Supply Direct they atomize the material twice I don't know how but it works. I like the 312 I might try the 210 for metal jambs. They save ton of paint as well. MOPAINT
Did you find that you had to thin the paint more or adjust your pressures much to use these?
FF by Graco are dual orifice also, same thing.
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