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Dulamel -vs- Impervo

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Hi all,

I have been reading and reading and reading. Great info on here.
I have been using BM Dulamel (semigloss) on my trim. I wanted to lose some of the shine so I had to go to Impervo since the Dulamel didn't offer the lesser gloss.
Using the Dulamel I can paint like I have been doing it for 20 years. The Impervo makes my work look like I was having a seizure when I did it.
What gives? I would have thought the Impervo would have been easier to use. I guess I will switch back to the Dulamel and carry on.

I guess me and Impervo are not to be.
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Impressed you can still get Dulamel. VOC eliminated it for us 3-4 years ago. Dulamel had 2 finishes. Eggshell ans Semi. Both great products. Eggshell mediocre hide but outstanding finish. Semi gloss like glass but high amber tendency. Can't use XIM Extender in an alkyd. Try penetrol. Penetrol increases the solids but slows the dry and helps leveling. It also will contribute to ambering. Fine Paints of Europe makes a very high quality mineral spirit that thins the product and dramatically improves handling. Because it is so pure, you you so much less and don't effect the solids too much. FPOfE thinner is very expensive but you use so much less it is very economical. Most cheap thinners are 50% water and not very strong therefore you use more and compromise the film by reducing solids in the final cured film.
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