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Many years ago I have used both brands and they proved to be very good,
However, now we are only using BEHR, we like the Ultra Paint & Primer, it saves on the priming step, the coverage is great, They have a new line called Marquee which we started using on our Exteriors last summer and now here, they have just introduced the Interior formulated one coat
(this I gotta see)

I agree with the other comments of sticking to one paint that you know how it works for you in your area, that way you can price out your job better if you know how your paint works out, I think that getting the Home owner to get the paint is a very bad idea, and as you know there are formulas that cover better and go further.

Going with Behr at least you know you can go to any Home Depot in North America and get the same product.

Painting by Hart
Vancouver Island, B.C.

Using paint and primer in one NEVER takes the place of primer. I'm not going to bash Behr paint, but I have learned that priming first is always better when a primer is needed. You have apparently drank the Home Depot Koolaid. :jester:
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