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East Coast = Smooth Walls - West Coast = Textured Walls

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Why is that the standard?

Did California want to add another trade to the mix for more jobs, or are the mudders on the left coast not so good?
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I use to live in MN where most all construction used smooth finish which I like. Harder to get if walls are off but your workmanship will show. I now live in central Fl and this was the first place I saw orange peal and HEAVY knockdown. They move so fast and have no quality or pride in their work I cant believe it. The only way they can cover up there inperfections is to texture. I still prefer the smooth finish and use it when ever I can convince the homeowner it is worth the cost. And your home will not look like everyone elses! In track homes you will always find a homeowner or two that want to be diferent. You are correct that the hangers and finishers from over the border are working dirt cheep and you get what you pay for!!
My .02
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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