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We're higher-end homebuilders in Seattle and we almost always use flat paint (typically parker or kelly moore) on the spec houses we build because they're easier to touch-up, instead of satin/eggshell that may require a re-do if walls get banged up post-paint and pre-move-in. Fine, they're easy to touch up, but they scratch on a dime and leaves a mark if anyone so much as touches them.

We're now doing a custom build for a family of 3 with 2 dogs, and they want our recommendation on something that perhaps can be touched up if necessary, but isn't going to leave a mark every time a little hand touches the wall.

We've had some people upgrade to Benjamin Moore Regal Matte scrubbable paint, and they seem happy with it. Is this the way to go if you have homeowners with kids and don't want to be touching up all the time? Should we recommend a matte/flat or satin finish for kids rooms or the play room where there is higher possibility for touch up?

Can't wait to solve this question once and for all! Thanks!

Deb Kapsner

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Excruciatingly durable, mind-numbingly washable, and touch ups melt into the wall like a pat of butter on top of a hot-off-the-griddle pancake
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