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Economy and the chaff

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Not sure this is the right section for this, and if it ain't one of the mods can move it.

One of my painter buddies (one of the two Peters I mentioned in another thread) was at Easter dinner at my wife's uncle's house (Peter's wife and my wife are good friends since birth, and his mother-in-law ........ oh forget it, it's too lengthy to explain)

Any way, he was saying how all the paint stores are REALLY hurting. They are seeing VERY little traffic during this economic slow down. And the traffic that has stopped is the low and middle-low end furriners. He went on to say how many of the Brazilians are packing up and going home.

So perhaps this down turn will do some good in the longer run. Apparently it is like a stiff wind separating the wheat from the chaff. The illegals are being blown away.

Not to turn this into a bashing of the illegals, but have you guys noticed a thinning of the herd ?
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So, I'm not clear (yah, you know how thick I am).

Are the illegals leaving and opening up more opportunities for the legits, or is the economy SO bad, that the rats are leaving the sinking ship and we'll be drowning a little later ?

I thought by the illegals leaving this would remove them from the workforce and availability to enter bids.
The issue of ILLEGALS is definitely a "sensitive" subject, and one that can easily turn this thread into one that gets moved to the Politics & Religion forum (oh that's right, we don't got one here ....... yet).

But the Nepster put it accurately, albeit with some intones of frustration/venom :thumbup:

Hey, I'm a WASP too, and my ancestors were part of an early boat load of "illegals". But since that gray day in December of 1620 and after we wiped out the REAL North Americans with our gunpowder and smallpox, we did establish a nation with laws. Most of us here are the proud descendants of immigrants who landed and learned the language and paid their dues. All we ask of those who follow is that they play by the rules and not "conquer" this land again.

Without agreeing or disagreeing with your observations and opinions, I gotta say that your comments are either treading awfully close to political statements OR will spur others into making political statements. Yes I know you were responding to other posts. And that's part on my point - these things start growing like wild fires if not dampened early

Having started the thread, I would hate to see it degenerate into a political commentary and be locked by the mods.

Thanks all for the self restraint.

1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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