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Economy and the chaff

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Not sure this is the right section for this, and if it ain't one of the mods can move it.

One of my painter buddies (one of the two Peters I mentioned in another thread) was at Easter dinner at my wife's uncle's house (Peter's wife and my wife are good friends since birth, and his mother-in-law ........ oh forget it, it's too lengthy to explain)

Any way, he was saying how all the paint stores are REALLY hurting. They are seeing VERY little traffic during this economic slow down. And the traffic that has stopped is the low and middle-low end furriners. He went on to say how many of the Brazilians are packing up and going home.

So perhaps this down turn will do some good in the longer run. Apparently it is like a stiff wind separating the wheat from the chaff. The illegals are being blown away.

Not to turn this into a bashing of the illegals, but have you guys noticed a thinning of the herd ?
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I still want to know where people get the idea that the economy is bad? Is it the news, is it the local painters feeding these lies? I quit watching the news 5 years ago... my life, health, marriage and business has prospered 10 fold.

Its amazing how one story on the news can change your outlook that day. Maybe you don't buy that new van, maybe you don't invest in a certain stock, maybe you don't hire a new employee just because someone said the economy is bad. The fact is... the sun that rises today will rise tomorrow, and it will rise 10 years from now as well.

All I see with a so called economic downturn is positives. Not only will it weed out less viable contractors, but people will be more willing to put money in the homes they have to add value to them. I have a direct mailing I send out that advertises that message, and the feedback has been good
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