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Hi all, its been a while since I hjave posted, I have been very busy. We are runing a contest to win a fre mural class and It just hit me that I need to share it with all of you. Hopefully all is well, and best of luck to all of you.

I have attached a photo of the class panel (I hope it loads), it is 6 feet high by 3.5 feet wide

Here are the details

Win a mural class with Master Artisan Jen-Luc Sable

Registration deadline is November 15, 2007

Jean-Luc Sable
Voted Best Craftsman of France,
Expert in Versailles Court of Appeal
Host the 2010 Salon, The International Society of Decorative Painters, in Versailles.

“The Old Man and the Little Boy”
Trompe L’oeil Mural
December 10 - 14, 2007
Frederick, MD

The drawing will be held November 15
To enter email The Faux School with your full name, phone, email and address. The email address is [email protected]
Winners will be notified on this forum, through email and a call from the school,

Best of luck
Ronald Layman
The Faux School


FT painter/FT dad
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I don't even think the masters can teach me traditional art...I'm just a good house painter, lol

what an amazing mural though...that's going to be some class :thumbsup:

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can someone really be taught to do something like that????? i would think you would have to be a natural, or somewhat gifted to create something so amazing .....:eek:
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