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Another Question...

Saw this floor today (photo is just one section), the space was formerly used to retrofit Apache helicopters with new gear boxes for Boeing. Approx 35,000 sq.ft. There was heavy traffic: forklifts, helicopters, etc... Old tenant is out and owner wants the floor to be given a “once over” to look good for the next prospective client. I’m bringing in our industrial flooring rep to meet everyone but he isn’t available until next week. Found some paint left behind from the last time the floor was coated and the dark gray area / yellow lines look like they were Macropoxy 646 and have held up OK. Date on the paint left behind was 2017. Light areas I have no idea what’s on there.

Anyway my question is in regards to prepping a floor like this that looks to be (from my limited experience) in decent condition. Would it be sufficient to degrease the whole floor and then run a walk behind with say 80 grit on it? And would the degreasing be redundant if they were to power wash after grinding the floor? I’m not going to quote anything without the industrial rep just curious and want to be able to answer any general questions they have before next week if it comes up. Also the owner wants Macropoxy again but I’ve personally only recommended our Armorseal line for floors. Sorry for making this a long read and thanks in advance for any advice!

Oh and the the sections of bare concrete are where some kind of machining tools used to sit.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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