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Okay, I know what I'm setting myself up for. But I need help.

I do painting as part of my all-around home improvement business. But I'll admit that I'm not so much a pro.
I have a customer who knows that I am not a full time painter, yet wants me to paint the interior of her house. She wants me over anyone else.

I know not to use a 'going rate' type of approach, but I'm not sure of my expectations of how long it should take.

There is approx. 8600 sq/ft of walls and ceilings to be painted. 950 ft of base. 24 doors and 24 windows.

There are some walls that need to be cleaned, and one bedroom requires some fixing/patching. Plenty of furniture to move.

I've tried to guestimate the time it will take and the cost of the labor I will use.

I come up with $17850.

The basement adds 11 doors, 2 windows, and 1250 sq ft of wall to be painted. I priced that at $ 3600.

I don't expect that anyone is going to be able to tell me to charge a specific amount, but I'm looking to get aimed in the right direction. I'm in Northern New Jersey, and I don't want to give her a price that is out of line, but , obvoiusly, I want to make a profit.

I guess, if possible, I'm looking for someone who is more experienced at price quotes to help me determine if this is a good deal for both parties, or an outrageous quote.

I can have the job. But I don't want her, or me, to find out later that it was double what anyone else would have charged. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Tashler, I always figure 2 coats for walls, and I figure 300 sq. ft. per gallon. Also like Cole noted, I never buy all the paint I need right away.

To get the labor price I walk through and imagine how many days each room will take. Sometimes you can work on a few at the same time. Sometimes there's furniture issues like you mention. Be fair to yourself and to your customer but don't underbid. The price is what it is.

Average size door, $50 per coat per side works good. Add a little more for casings and jambs. Same with average sized windows. When you do your oil get a 5 gallon bucket, grid, good 4" sleeve @ 1/4" nape, put a tiny bit thinner in your paint (something that covers good like Satin Impervo), mix it good, and just go through and systematically knock them out. You should be around 30 - 35 minutes per door side. HTH!

More food for thought.. An average sized room (say 10' x 15') is a two day event for one guy. First day prep room and any wall/trim issues (fill holes and so on), paint ceiling, paint walls. Second day second coat walls, set up fan, oil the trim, clean everything up.
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Don't look now Tashler, but you're gettin undercut all ready!:jester:

With over 30 doors and almost as many windows this could be the difference between making money and ending up working for $2.75 an hour
Right on. I assumed 6 panels, ordinary double hungs in my last post. But hell, after 30 doors, even if they're 15 lites, Tashler will be fast at them (especially if he's running to make money on them)! :thumbup:
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