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Okay, I know what I'm setting myself up for. But I need help.

I do painting as part of my all-around home improvement business. But I'll admit that I'm not so much a pro.
I have a customer who knows that I am not a full time painter, yet wants me to paint the interior of her house. She wants me over anyone else.

I know not to use a 'going rate' type of approach, but I'm not sure of my expectations of how long it should take.

There is approx. 8600 sq/ft of walls and ceilings to be painted. 950 ft of base. 24 doors and 24 windows.

There are some walls that need to be cleaned, and one bedroom requires some fixing/patching. Plenty of furniture to move.

I've tried to guestimate the time it will take and the cost of the labor I will use.

I come up with $17850.

The basement adds 11 doors, 2 windows, and 1250 sq ft of wall to be painted. I priced that at $ 3600.

I don't expect that anyone is going to be able to tell me to charge a specific amount, but I'm looking to get aimed in the right direction. I'm in Northern New Jersey, and I don't want to give her a price that is out of line, but , obvoiusly, I want to make a profit.

I guess, if possible, I'm looking for someone who is more experienced at price quotes to help me determine if this is a good deal for both parties, or an outrageous quote.

I can have the job. But I don't want her, or me, to find out later that it was double what anyone else would have charged. Thanks for your help.

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from the info givin.. and my calculations just to paint the house and basement $11538.00 only you know how much furniture and repairs is needed tax an extra 20% for hasel $13845.80...then whatever for repairs bout $4000.00 off what you came up wit.. if shes gonna pay it id go with it
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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