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Estimating A Kitchen Re-Staining Job - Help

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I am trying to estimate a re-stain job in a kitchen. There is approx. 303 sq feet to strip, sand, stain, and varnish. I am used to estimating jobs for painting. I am worried I am not estimating this right. Does someone have a good formula to do this. It is a job in Scottsdale Arizona and I am thinking it would cost around $14 a square foot (including materials & labor) but I am worried it will take longer than I think. Any help is much appreciated.
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You are going to take into account the removal of the doors, the stripping process, sanding, staining, re-installation, and so on. So it seems lengthy and intricate, and I am not sure what the pricing is like in Arizona. You need to figure out approximately how long this could take you in order to make sure you aren't going to be underestimating your time and costs. This is a problem I find with estimating with $/sq. ft.
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