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Excell Bid Forms

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Does anyone have or will you share your excell estimating spreadsheets. I am looking for ideas to make a better form to use.

Thanks in advance!
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Here are a few I did stumble accross. What im more looking for is an excel spreadsheet where I canset it up so we could plug in dimensions of the job, square foot, surfaces to be painted, man hours, cost of man hours, material, cost of materials, job details, and somehow add overhead without displaying it to the client? Then have it diplay the total job cost with job details.

Please let me know if you can hekp me out.


Here's my home brewed "quickie"... I have a bigger version but this one works fairly well on a laptop..... oops,, won't let me upload excel, send me a PM with your email and i'll shoot it to ya. :)
Benn, put the excel sheet in a zip file, and you should be able to upload it.
Would love to but I use Rar... can I shoot it to you and you zip er up?
Sent, and as before... it's an infant version for a laptop, feel free to modify/change/steal anything you wish. Enjoy.
Oh, the trim paint calc only works if there are doors... never went too far in with the calcs without doors.
Benn, Thanks for sharing! It has been a while since I played with formulas in Excell, and I was wondering if I used your spreadsheet right. For a 10x 12 room with 8 foot ceilings I get $337.54, is that correct? I guessed that square feet were inserted in the columns in the appropriate spaces. I am not sure what the first two columns are for, the ones that say Wall 1, and Wall 2. Could you elaborate some for us challenged ones? I appreciate your input.

Happy Painting, Paul. :wheelchair:
Sure, column one is length, column two is width... the rest fills itself out. I break it down for ceilings and walls in order to remove from the bid if nessecary. Like I said, it's a quickie format...
On Screen Takeoff program is a nice program for bidding, keeping it organized and it also incorporates into excell spread sheet.
Familiar with Excel

Hello! I am new to the forum and also in the process of starting a painting business. I am very familiar with Excel and would be happy to assist with creating an Excel template for putting together estimates for anyone that is interested. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or a PM and we can talk about what you are looking to accomplish!
Excel Estimate sheet

Sure, column one is length, column two is width... the rest fills itself out. I break it down for ceilings and walls in order to remove from the bid if nessecary. Like I said, it's a quickie format...
Thanks for the information.
I have a few questions;
  • The last column "Walls"; is that the sqft for that room? The first two: Dining and Living don't automatically fill in a number?!?
  • Also; "Doors", is this for painting the doors or figuring the trim around the doors? Is that $50/door to trim?
Thanks for your time and effort,
Dean Pf
[email protected]
i hope this excel program will help us when it comes to estimating for job price...thanks
Hi Benn Brushslingers..

could you send me an example where it filled in excell program that you are trying to explain..I would like to get one of the example how you fill in them in...thanks you can email me at [email protected]

Every other trade has estimating programs to automate estimating. I have not seen any for the residential repaint painting contractor that is easier and faster to learn, use and understand than what I've written. I have shown it to a few people who are very knowledgeable in the national painting industry and they think it is marketable.

I'm the one not sure if painters are interested in spending money on a proposal system, although I do agree that they should!

It combines estimating the cost of jobs with writing proposals and bills. After entering contact information, it is all done with a mouse (point and click). No typing. Prices can be customized, and it really is very accurate. You could have a accurate, customized proposal for 7 rooms an a house finished in about 5 minutes. Does anyone think there is a market for this, and if so, how much would you expect it to it cost?
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