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Exterior Aura

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Got a chance to try it this week on some "Cherrywine" doors and shutters and I really liked it. Of course besides the smoke blowing in from the fire down the road conditions were ideal - low humidity in the am, shade, upper 70's, calm winds. Although it did set up pretty fast on the one door that was in the sun, the extender wasn't nessary. I could see where the extender would be needed in the heat/sun. Overall, it had a reall nice flow and the low-lustre finish was great. The downside is the price in comparison to Duration but the fact that it may get a few more square feet per gallon means that it may be fairly comparable in relation to price.

At this point, I will be using the exterior Aura for anything with color because of the colorfast, or tolerance to fading.
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I did a front door today with it ,primer and 2 coats, it was nice but still needs 2 coats, no matter what "they" say. I was able to do all the same day,so that's nice.
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