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Exterior I just finished

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Here are pics from the exterior I just finished. In the end, the HO decided not to have me paint the awning. I was surprized, since he was so insistant about it before. It came out pretty good. HO didn't want to spend any money on it, so it isn't as good as it could have been. I did alot of scraping, primed with oil and 2 coats of latex. I should have charged alot more but....I went to high school with the occupant and have done nearly the entire interior of this house as well in the past year so I gave them a big break.


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They didn't want to pay what it would have cost to sand, so this is just a scrape and prime.
Every single window pane needed to be reglazed. It wasn't part of my contract, but I think they wanted me to do it also. And they kinda wanted me to prime and paint every screen and storm for this too. It's one of those old houses where the storms and screens are separate and on a wood frame. I could have easily bumped this house up another $2000 doing what needs to be done. I hate when they let a house go too long.
The body is kind of a cream and khaki mix and the trim is an off white in a creamy color. Believe it or not- I used Valspar paint and it was really good. The previous painter (from 10 years ago) didn't prime anything! (It was a teacher. A friend of the HO, also a teacher.) :whistling2:
Thanks all- for the kudos. I think I'm a good painter, but it helps to get recognition from your peers. Lots of people think they are good painters, right ? But not all painters are good- as we can testify to.
You read my mind. :yes:
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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