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Hello everyone,

I Want to say thanks ahead of time for any information or help provided to me on here.

Ok so approx 1 month ago I had the exterior of my house painted with SW duration . Color is gauntlet grey and sheen is satin.

I noticed that in a few different spots some of the paint seems darker and some spots seem lighter / duller .

Paint was applied by company and they sprayed the entire body and didn't bankroll.

I have attached a couple pictures to show the spots I am talking about to see if these can be fixed by any means. Do they need to be primered and then another coat sprayed on or maybe rolled on ? Will another coat over the top fix these issues ?

These spots in the pictures are only noticeable and a certain angle and certain light.

I have contacted the company about fixing these and they basically said they are not gonna be able to make it up for another month to try to fix the issues and they are not gonna keep coming up after we already did the final walk around and payed in full.

I understand to a point but at the same time me as the HO and don't know anything about painting wouldn't know what to look for and know to look for flaws in certain light and at certain angles

Also just to be clear the paint was applied to newly installed lp siding and no primer was put on 1st . If anyone needs to know anymore information to properly help me just let me know and I will do my best to give you the correct response to help out.

In the 1st picture you can see the light spots in the bottom 5 or 6 boards above metal crawl space door.

In the second picture you can see the light spots on every board below the window.

Is this a poor paintjob or just some minor mistakes / flaws that can be fixed ?
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lap marks. Paint will dull after full cure. It may be noticeable still, but will be less so as it weathers out.

The lower VOC paints seem more prone to showing this, also the higher solids, and paints with a slight sheen (like satin) are also prone to showing passes. I notice it is almost impossible to not get some variation in higher grade paint like exterior Duration, especially on smooth surfaces; I worked with it recently, and although it covered well it was impossible to not show some variation/lap marks when applied- it is a cosmetic issue, and will become less visible after this season.

Are you a contractor, or are you just on here to complain about your paint job?
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