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Sorry bro...but maybe pass on exterior part for now...and congrats on doing the work for web presence.

I read and re-read your post and it doesn't seem like u want to do exterior, which is fine.

Just because you're there interior-wise doesn't mean u have to do the exterior

If I'm wrong, go for it and re-read the other posts...they're good and do more research.

I don't specialize in exteriors and PT folks have helped alot in regards to the exterior I've done.

Over my career of self employment that is in its later stages, I have taken projects what I thought were 60/40, 50/50, profit versus learning curve....cuz I want to know what it's really like and ended up less than those percentages. I still do this, but less.

I guess my point is listen to your gut. If you want try a different paint project and expect to make the same profit as interiors, you won't...but you choose it because you can afford it while broadening your skill set.

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