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I decided to take our company's blog in a different route this time around, and wrote what I know of using social networking to boost Google rankings. I haven't spent one advertising dollar on the website other than the domain name and year hosting contract, and have made it up to #3 in my city, which has a competitive market. I'm a n00b to blogging, so don't judge. :thumbsup:

Check it out! Facebook, Google, and SEO. Oh My!

The power of technology for showcasing your business and generating a buzz with new prospects is astounding. Never before has it been so cost effective to reach thousands of your target audience as often as everyday in some cases. These days, it seems that traditional advertising is falling behind the networks of social connections the people themselves have created. With enough enthusiasm behind your business, your ranking on Google and other search engines can’t help but rise. Much of the modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods are completely based around a solid social networking strategy.

The days of keyword stuffing are over! Horray!

Google finally figured out that the amount of keywords used on a page doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s popularity (Ya think?). The Panda and Penguin updates changed the algorithms, which are now based on quality content (using keywords, but not stuffing), updates to blogs and pages, and activity amongst all the social networks. The busier you are on the internet, the more likely it is you will achieve a higher rank in Google. Don’t believe me? Search “Painting Contractor Santa Clarita CA” or “House Painter Santa Clarita”, or a few other combinations of words and phrases relating to our profession. Within 3 months, Griffco Painting has overtaken the first page, and is even top 3 on some keywords. While other companies (who shall remain nameless) are paying hundreds of dollars per month for a top spot on “Google Local”, we can easily climb the ladder by simply staying active and communicating with people in our network.

Social Madness!!!!

You will find Griffco Painting on at least 6 different social networks, and more as I figure them out. The importance of social networking for reaching new fans cannot be underestimated. Facebook is definitely the Mecca of social networking, followed by Twitter. As a business professional, LinkedIn is an indispensable resource for reaching other movers and shakers within the housing industry. Instagram helps us share pictures of our beautiful paint jobs, while Pinterest helps us share ours’ and others’ ideas with the world. Then there’s Google+… Google+ is possibly the most overlooked social network, but the most important for SEO, as google gives a little bit more weight to content posted on their own baby. Find something to post on each social network as often as you can, blog as often as you are inspired, add solid content to your website, and you will overtake the first page on Google for any industry you are in.
Once it becomes a routine, the madness will end and the fans will follow!
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