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Do we have a thread where we could post pics of ourselfs to put faces to names? If not, is anybody interested in doing so?
I didn't even think about this before but there is already a place to post a picture of yourself so that others can put a face to the name if you so desire. It's called your user profile.

Nice looking girls by the way.

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Paul. Well these are the only pictures I could find on my wife's stupid Mac. I have better ones that I wanted to upload, but o well. We were having dinner with my grand son and he wanted to fancy me up with my wife's Zinnias. Happy painting. :party:
Take notes rich, these are the things we do to keep the kids happy:laughing:

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...what type of music? Got any demos to show?
...Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Stones, or a more 80's Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, or Twisted sister?
Lol...yes...all of them

"Musically born out of the 70s, raised in the 80s, and experimenting through out the 90s, Fluid Boys cut a wide swath across the world of rock. Never ones to shy away from a good rock beat, Fluid Boys can also include Jazz and Pop, and other different styles in their music.

Not ashamed of being called derivative, Fluid Boys seem to revel in the term, and freely admit their influences.
Mostly influenced by Boston Based New England Rock bands and English Pop and Blues bands, the phrase "New English Pop" seems to fit."

There's a player at the bottom of the official website with a few tunes that you can play (careful with your volume as it starts automatically) at: including the one with the most radio airplay so far, Slice Of Heaven

There's a podcaster out in Cali that calls us "...a mixture of old STP, early GnR, and King's X" based on the song "The Bomb" which should be the first song here:

A more...pop type tune leads off the Reverb Nation site
(And there's players there for your MySpace/FaceBook page kids! lol)

That reminds me it's time for an update and music switch on some of the sites
We've got a wide variety going on

"Each song is like eating a different flavored jelly bean.

Even though they are all jelly beans, they do taste different.

Some bands are like colored M&Ms.

They're different colors but, they all taste the same." - Vickie

Longer live shows where we do cover tunes, we tend to shine on the Old Aerosmith, Who, and especially Led Zep
But we throw in some interesting tunes...The Church, The Brothers Johnson...
Of course, some Beatles
We've tried the Def Leppard...but we haven't gotten it to work yet
They're tough to get to sound good live with a 3-piece
No Twisted Sister though....

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Take notes rich, these are the things we do to keep the kids happy:laughing:
trust me, I know I'm in for it...
I don't like the fact that no matter how much we are preparing-we aren't prepared....I'm sure all the parents in here know what I mean

A friend of mine (just had a baby) mentioned the best experience for a tot, it actually having one and just doing it. I liked that advice :)
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