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Fair wage

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What is a fair wage for the top painter in a company?
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$ 30 per hour....that's a bit excessive. If you only have 1 employee maybe, but still too high. How can you afford to stay competetive by paying your employees union scale ? I pay between $ 9.50-11.00 Prep men, $11.50-12.50 painters, and $13.00-15.00 spray men and supervision. With that, the supervisor gets a phone, and gas card.
These are early 80's wages, for a non union shop! Unless your hiring undocumented workers or tweekers, wages should be around $20 to $28 per hr. for non union painters.
In order to retain descent painters, who are willing to commit to a contractor, you have to compensate them. If it is economically impractical to offer a higher wage, then offer incentives, like vacation or health care. This is where you separate the Pro from the Faux.
1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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