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Fence stain pricing

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Just curoius and what the going rate might be for staining fences... just regular wood fences? TIA

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well I am sorry I really dont do small stuff like that, so thats why i figured I would ask. I would think that on this forum you could ask a question pro to pro. Instead its like asking a 2yr old.. And if you really were tired of getting the same question dont answer, last time i checked the effort to type and answer and a stupid remark took the same ammount of effort..:thumbsup::thumbsup:
I wont charge 25hr because most people here in texas dont want that kind of estimate...And second I have never done a raw wood fence. I am used to doing schools and hospitals. And third the guy is a friend mine that just put up about a mile of six foot pine fence, but not because he is my frined will I do it for free. And oviously if you are being undercut by $50 you must not be that good, as I have customers who much rather take my bid that is 5-10k over the rest and still gave me the contract.:thumbup::thumbup:
Ok, so you want a true answer. Charge $25 or $30/hr + over head + materials and there you have the going rate.
Thanks for an honest answer........
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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