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finding decorators

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in the uk it's difficult to find good decorators. Placing an ad in the local rag is pretty pointless - every have-a-go-hero with brush will turn up. Probably 2/10 will be any good.

we were painting new builds recently and a guy turns up with nice van, brushes and whites. he told us his line of work is usually hotels so we thought he should be fine. At the end of the day we go to have a look, he's been in the bedroom all day and is emulsioning the walls. no other room has been touched. when i point out that the first thing he should do is crack out all the ceilings he says:

"one room at a time."

Do you have the same problems finding people?

who's the worst imposters you've had to fire?

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I quit hiring those who say they are experienced. Maybe this is unfair to those who are truly qualitied but I have been burnt too many times. I will look for a young person with a teachable spirit and initiative - the one who really wants to work and is willing to learn. A rare quality today but they are out there. I also look for references and followup those references.
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