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Finish Nailer Recommendations?

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Need to purchase a finish nailer (so please - no recommendations for swedish or norwegian units) for a few upcoming trim jobs. Want to get a quality unit so price isn't main concern but don't want to break the bank. Also, a recommendation for a decent smaller compressor would be helpful.

Also, anyone used the battery operated nailers and if so, any merit to them?

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I've got all sorts of brands in all sorts of sizes.

For general baseboard and what not, I like to use a Paslode 16g straight (pneumatic). Nails are cheap and it has the bump fire trigger, which I'm a huge fan of.

For little casing, I use an 18g Hitachi. The magazine on my first one blew apart, but it seems that they have changed it now. I still bought another one.

For outside and large trim (and doors), I use the Hitachi 15g angled. This is actually my favorite gun to use because you can select single fire or bump and it has this nifty blower built in, which is handier than you might expect. It's overkill for most trim, though.

For the wee-tiny stuff and things that are glued, I use a micro pinner from harbor freight. For some strange reason, it is well made and gets excellent reviews. It only does up to one inch pins, though. I use it on cabinet trim, returns, outside corners and anywhere else that I want to stick together until glue sets up. You rarely have to even fill the tiny holes if you are painting and they are near invisible in stain grade stuff. I highly recommend you pick up one of these...they are dirt cheap and work very well.
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The mini Senco compressor is nice for what you're talking about doing. You don't want to be humping around a big one to nail up a little bit of baseboard.

If that is all you need to do, grab a cordless. I have two Paslode cordless framing guns, and I used to have a 16g finish gun that walked off. I've never had any big problems, but they can be finicky in cold weather.

The battery ones get some good reviews, but I don't own one, so I couldn't speak for them. I moved all cordless to Makita brushless from Dewalt 18v nicad, and from what I hear, the Makita cordless nailers suck. I didn't plan that far ahead when I made the jump and it's a big investment to change all cordless platforms, so I'm pretty stuck for a while.
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