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Sometimes a post im following dissapears into the endless sea of previous posts, taken me time to find.

Is there anyway to tag posts that i want to follow.

This may not answer your question, in which case "subscribing" to a thread as Gabe described would be best.

But here's an answer for what I am hearing you ask (and it may not be way off the mark)

I assume, to view new posts, you hit "New Posts" up on the blue menu bar (an obvious choice to hit). So once you read that thread, it's no longer "new" and won't show.

What I do is click on "Quick Links", which produces a drop down menu, I then hit "Today's Post" (top choice in the top gray area).

This will show you "Today's posts" (duh) and the ones you have read and do not any new posts are light blue, while the ones that have a new post for you, are dark blue

If that helps, you are welcome, if I totally misguided you, sorry
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