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Anyone ever used it? How do you like it?

I just finished a job where the doors and trim were shot with it 10 yrs. ago, when the house was built. White with a little black in it.

HO wanted me to go over the trim and I can't spray there. Hell, I can't spray anyway, no sprayer. So, I went to get something that I thought would level real nice, last a long time and be scrubbable. No BM out here, so I went to get Pro Classic, but wound up with Duration. Problem is, SW couldn't match the color unless they put it in a luminious base. I thought what the hell, shouldn't be a problem. I've always like the look of luminous base, but not the coverage. Don't know about all the chemistry, just my experience.

Well, it turned out the HO wanted gloss, not SG and the duration didn't come in a gloss. It was kind of a mess. In the end, I had to use a fresh gal. of Frazee. I hated it. It's really thick, like B**r. All fluff, no stuff. Using it out of the can, it covered ok, but ropey as all get out, no leveling and dragging like the back end of a bee that's been stepped on.
So, I used some floetrol and it was better, but not good enough. Then I used xtend and that was just OK too.
Bottom line is that it sucks for brush use and I couldn't get the color matched by SW in any kind of base that would do what I wanted.

So, please, if anyone knows, how do you make the mirroglide...glide?

Why can't I get the stupid colors matched? This is the 3'd time I"ve tried to replace frazee new const. paint with something better and been bounced back to frazee. What gives?

I also used some Mirroglide on two exterior doors (you see, this interior/exterior paint). This time is was a darker color and a different base. Paint went on a lot thinner, less fluffy, covered great and considering we had 30 mph winds and about 10% humidity, it went on great with a mini.

This issue has been a throne in my side since I moved out here. Frazee, AFAIK, doesn't make a high end, brush paint. They, like DE, have paints I don't really understand. What's up with this Interior/Exterior all in one product? It's probably "green" since the only reason you don't use exterior on interior is the enviornmental issues.

Anyone, please, enlighten me.
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