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Construction type work is getting to be very slow here in this part of California. A lot of the workers that had once been in new construction are now getting into remodels/renovations.

Competition is intense, frequently going to the lowest bidders.

So, I keep my eye open for small maintenance jobs, that SHOULD be done to various buildings, as I travel about town.

...I took my newest flyer into the Mom & Pop gas stop this morning and handed it to the manager, describing how they might want to catch up on a few things, before they got worse.

Response was, "We get that stuff done FREE by contract with the oil company that supplies our tanks."

I replied, "Free is a great price, when they don't do the work you need!"

So, I asked that she have the owner call me, and perhaps I can pick up the work from the company that is obligated to do it.

Whew! Hard to beat FREE!
People seem to just watch things obviously degenerate, and hang on to that "good deal" they are part of!

Anyone got new angles on salesmanship ?

Mine aren't working!


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You know that ups and down come in cycles, this slow period will pass and you will be back on top.
In the mean time you will just have to work harder.
Get yourself out there more.
Advertising, web, referals, paint stores, mail, ect.
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