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Frustrated on repaints

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Hey guys. Thanks for your advice on the hat banding.

I have been painting for the last two years, doing some quality work compared to what I have seen. I have been following standards and not cutting corners. I have happy customers but because of the extra time I am taking my profit margins are not where I would like them to be. How can I improve this, any suggestions?

For some of you guys out there this is old hat but here are some of the frustrating issues I am experiencing: :wallbash:

-How do you price out a closet or house full of items? Do you let the customer know you will not move their items and risk them going with another company?

-What if you scratch the customers floor while moving a piece of furniture for example or damage the furniture, who is responsible?

-I had to remove window treatments, Hunter Douglas Luminents "very sensitive" for a re-paint and when I went back to insall them they would not function properly.

-When I did some drywall repair I had to remount a glass shelf, the bracket didn't hold and the shelf broke. It was pretty costly to replace

-I have a pretty decent handle on estimating my production rates but when it comes time to put-back and clean up, i.e. outlet covers, air vents, shelves etc. that's when it starts eating into my profits. Any advice?

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Yup, our contract says HO moves everything out of the way or we charge for labor.
Also says that we are not responsible for anything broken. (we would pay to replace anything that we broke do to our error but this covers us if we move something that HO knows is broken and it falls apart when we try to move it) :eek:

Never had a problem yet...:oops:

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