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i am new to this site and find it very informative.i am a painting contractor for over 20 yrs up here on long all of you,have met many people and seen many things.enough to write a book,i guess.this one stands mid august 08 i have a meeting set up with a potential client.i arrive and am greeted by a young couple and two rather large dogs.dogs are very friendly and are jumping on me to say hello.i dont mind because i have two dogs of my own.the dogs leave the room and i get on with my presentation.the couple sits on the couch and i remain standing,talking.all of a sudden the two dogs sneak up behind me and jump some of their paws gets stuck in the elastic wasteband and pulls my shorts all the way down to my ankles.only problem wasis that i wasnt wearing any underwear.i am standing there naked,10 ft from them.silence overcomes the room.i pull em up and quickly exit.did not get the work.gee,i wonder why?maybe they didnt like the package i was presenting?:eek:
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