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Funny stuff....

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What are some funny things you've seen fellow painters doing, wearing, saying, advertising, etc...?

my first one is the 32ft. ladder on top of the minivan guy...that cracks me up
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A number a friends are using both radio and TV advertising in our small area.
They are happy with results all the way around.
Early morning drive 120 miles nonstop from a meet at an allnight coffee shop to jobsite in an oilfield refinery... bailed out of the truck when we go to the site, as the sun had risen and everything well lit... hurried up and across the steel grid to the back of the engine platform to take a leak...

and not 1, 2, or 3, but four females in a work crew came down a ladder right next to me.

I heard about that from supervisors I did not know I had.
I guess it might have been funny if it happened to someone else.
Same refinery, two days later.

Our two crews decided to take our lunch break 1/2hr earlier, so we could get better seating in the break room...

So here we go, at the chosen time... they leave their engine stand, as we get down off our platform and start walking towards the break room.

They walk a bit faster, and we step it up... they quicken even more...
So at the last bit to the room, we're in a race!

About an hour after lunch was over we learned the error of our ways from the rest of the supervisors...

Never, ever, run, in a refinery.
Someone at the top of a tall structure may see you running, and figure there is some terrible emergency in progress, and bail out of his position and make for the ground at high speed, further exciting people on HIS way down and in a short time you have a shut down refinery!
For me, it was two strikes.

...The next day it was decided I should sandblast components, wearing full suit & hood, after closing the bars in Bakersfield that morning, in 100 degree weather at mid day...

It would have been funny if it happened to someone else.
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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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