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Fyi: Free Paint

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My sherwin williams rep told me that they are instructed to give out free "Resilience" paint. Thats the new line that allows for painting when moisture is expected. Apparently they need to get the word out. I told her that I'd be happy to paint with it all summer for free:thumbup:
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Thanks for pointing that out. Gratuitous biblical reference is a pet peeve. Step on over to the Shopping your Competition thread for an grossly out of context example of how a person can self-righteously play the bible card to jusify anything they want to.
Money is the root of all evil, it is not evil in and of itself. :)J

"Love of money" and "money" are two different things. To alot of us, money is the unfortunate necessity that keeps our businesses running.

Not sure if its going to be relevant to be hauling out biblical references in business related discussion all the time.

I wouldn't say that you are offending anybody here at all. Spirituality is a personal issue for each of us. When someone goes out of their way to keep bringing it up, it comes off as marketing. That is not the type of marketing we are looking to discuss in this particular forum. If you are recruiting participants for the forum that you keep offering a link to, that is marketing all the more. Thats not what we are here for. There are people knocking on our doors trying to sell information about our salvation.

Spirituality is personal. If I were to come out here and find some clever way to present my hemorrhoidal flare-ups as relevant to a topic, that would be considered inappropriate self-disclosure. Spiritual beliefs are personal and, while your intentions I think are quite good, your message may not be well-received in a format such as this. Politics and religion don't seem to do well here, or anywhere really. I would keep the biblical analysis to your narrowistheway forum.
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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