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Gday from Melbourne, Australia

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Happy Easter for all those that way inclined :thumbup:

Stumbled across this great forum and really looking forward to getting some interesting tips fro you all.

btw, any idea why Wooster and Corona brushes aren't available in Australia, while Purdy you can find in any decent hardware shop?
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I read alot of you dont like the Purdys. I for one love them but had nothing decent to compare it to. So Im stuck with them.
Slickshift, I was thinking of ordering some of, what about ebay? would they have anything. My search came up with nothing but Im a novice when it comes to that.

Whats a great all round brush for walls(corona and wooster)? I see they got million different brushes which make it confusing

Cheers for your help
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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