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Gday from Melbourne, Australia

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Happy Easter for all those that way inclined :thumbup:

Stumbled across this great forum and really looking forward to getting some interesting tips fro you all.

btw, any idea why Wooster and Corona brushes aren't available in Australia, while Purdy you can find in any decent hardware shop?
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Greeting from Chicago,

Would you be able to order woosters online and have them shipped I know it would cost but at least you would be able to have them :)
Hi Melbourne, its good to see are a few of us starting to infiltrate. :thumbsup:
Its a great site and there is plenty of experienced heads on here;, many of the problems are universal and the solutions work regardless of where your dropsheet is spead.

I have used on several occasions, no dramas shipping into Aust, actually very quick with great pricing.
That was my thought too "the" was not sure if he shipped out of country or not.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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