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Due to the modern miracle of Al Gore rhythms, this showed up after viewing that Ace Hardware video. Looks easy enough...

Make your own easy mess free DIY Glitter paint - YouTube
Lol, what a horrible color combination on those walls.
Worst than Picasso's cubism art. Absolute kitsch.

From application point of view looks good.
Doesn't look like you need to 'eject' dry glitter on wet walls, or even spraying paint/glitter mixture.
Rolling that kitschy stuff looks easy enough and final finish looks good too.
I guess spraying should give better finish, assuming painter is skilled in spraying.


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Ya my main concern is keeping the cost of supplies reasonable (considering its a kids room) & making sure she understands the potential cleaning n durability issues....

So long as I can accomplish that, then I just wanna be sure I can get a consistent and solid application since its apparent she wouldn’t be happy with the glitter paints available that only give it a glimmer.

Original thought was:
•Paint walls in matching metallic base coat
•Use either PVA glue or Glaze (like setcoat) that would allow me to physically push the glitter on the wall...hopper gun would make this step a lot more efficient!
•Use soft bristle brush the next day to lightly remove any glitter that hasn’t set.
•Apply MULTIPLE top coats (possibly spraying the first one to prevent glitter loss)

I can’t help but cringe every time I consider the prep in the world do I keep a vast supply of fine, sparkly, glitter from penetrating every surface in their house, my vehicle, and painting supplies?!

*Side note: Glitter is the devil & loves to stick around for an eternity so I despise it! One of my oldest friends finds it simply hilarious & mails me cards and letters filled to the brim with glitter so I have to get sprayed if I want to read her card
I’ve used Mod Podge which I “think” is essentially a vinyl acetate glue to adhere shredded paper which was pressed onto gesso primed linen canvass followed by clear coating with acrylic resin. It had a decent open working time and tack to it. Watered down PVA glue might serve as a good binder for your intended application. I also was playing around with a clear metallic flake specific waterborne binder which was compatible over just about any substrate as well as being clear coat compatible, having a very long open working time. I don’t recall the name of it though and couldn’t find it on the Web. If it should so happen to come back to me I’ll shoot you a PM.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts