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graco 395 air assited wow

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just got to use my new graco 395 air assited and wow what i nice sprayer for trim and doors
the amount of paint used compared to just using my 695 is about 4-5 gallons difference
definatly worth the money (if you dont have something similar already)
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glad to hear a good review, just picked up one but my spraytech guy was gone so I am waiting for him to come out to show me how to use it but I already have a job lined up that I want to use it for, I am excited.
I can email you the manual, that helps some, but the best thing is to play. It's a pretty easy machine to use.

Here is a link to the manual. and 395
That's good to hear, Larry. I've been eyeing that machine for a while. My main question has to do with thinning the product . . . Do you need to thin at all? If so, how much?
You don't need to, but we add 8oz of floetrol to a gallon of Muralo (preferred trim paint) so we can turn the pressure down. Sometimes we also add water if using a really small tip (.010).
Think the main difference is that the 395 has a digital readout.

Titan now has a version of it.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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