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I don't know if anyone has experienced this with this tip yet but after awhile spraying, the gun will build up back pressure and hold the needle open so without warning you'll let go of the trigger but it's like you didn't. Yeah. Emergency ensues.

It's not like when you have a worn needle where it pees out when you release the trigger. It's like a ghost is holding the trigger and won't let go.

Wish I had that on video. It's funny... In hindsight.

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I've had that happen several times over the years with various tips and guns. I don't think it has much to do with the specific tip your using.

The conclusion I came to as to the cause of the trigger sticking is incomplete triggering to start with. When your spraying something where your stopping and starting a lot, like trim or other fine finish work, there is a tendency to get lazy with triggering. You end up not depressing the trigger all the way each time you pull it.

Most airless guns will release material even if the trigger isn't pulled all the way open. After spraying on and off for a while with the needle in this mostly open but still partially closed position, paint builds up in a place it shouldn't on the needle assembly. This can lead to the needle sticking half open when the trigger is released.

This conclusion is only based on my personal experience of having had the trigger stick on me many times over the years. Since I made it a conscious effort to depress the trigger all the way every time, it hasn't happened. It's definitely a shocker when you release the trigger and paint is still coming out.

Whether my assessment is correct or not, it's hard to imagine how the specific tip size could directly effect the trigger mechanism. Perhaps I'm missing something though.

I haven't had the chance to try the FFLP tips yet. Have some on order from the local PPG, but it may take a while yet.

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