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Grasscloth or stringcloth wallpaper removal

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Hi everyone, I'm going to bid a job removing wallpaper from 38 corridors and then painting the walls. The problem I'm facing is I'm not sure what type of wallpaper is on the wall. I think it's a stringcloth or possibly a grasscloth, but I have no experience with either; I usually remove vinyl if anything.

So if you've got a minute, click on this link and give me your opinion on what type it is, how easy or hard it is to remove and how to remove it. I would be greatly appreciative. :)

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That doesn't look like grass or string to me- more like a woven material like a linen.
All of the above will be an absorbant material attached to either a paper backing, or with some wovens I have see a mfgr sprayed on backing sealer that would prevent the paste from soaking through and staining the material.
In most of these cases, a good soaking should get it to fall pretty easily, scrape remainder of backing and clean off paste. Prime with Gardz.
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"when in doubt, test it out"

As BJ says, that ain't no grass, nor a string. Looks like a weave.

I would NEVER give an opinion about the ease/difficulty of stripping without more info. If you pull it, does the surface strip and leave a backing? Is the material itself permeable? Or water proof? What kind of paste was used? Were the walls primed? And if so, with what? 38 corridors? Is this a commercial setting?

You should test a small area before committing to any procedure and cost estimate. Being uninformed will only cost you an arm and a leg.
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Agree with all of the above...could be fabric....if it is the original wall covering, and commercial prop, they may have original building specs on hand that tell you what the material is and what type of adhesive was used....definately a T/M job though
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