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Green Painter, southern Cali

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Hello to everyone, I am from southern California. I am currently a green painting contractor. Just wonderig how others feel about the whole green thing.
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This has been discussed here at length.
There is no controversy at all.
We have always been green, Ecopainting Inc.
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Just be a good Paint contractor,
who also is an environmentally responsible painting contractor.
And it isn't just the paint that will make you one.
Everyone can just use Mythic paints and they are Green, right?

For example:
How much plastic do you use
What cars you drive
Disposal and cleaning
Cleaning products
Paperless office procedures
Community involvement

As far as community acceptance,
who cares, be a leader, not a bandwagon jumper
and market like you normally would anyway.
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I'm not trying to jump on a ban wagon. Whether you are aware of it or not your coatings your using now are changing every year due to the EPA. California for example, it is illegal to produce any more oil base paint in the golden state, do you not think all the other states will follow. I estimate the products we have today will be under not a leeds green but an extreme green within two years for Ca and three years for other states to follow. So whether you believe it or not we all are going green. Just ask your knowledgeable paint rep. They get informed of the changes in our product, so they can keep a close eye on any failures that may occur. They don't tell the consumer so we don't get worried. Am I concerned about the environment you bet I am, why can't we do something about it by changing our products we use. They are available to us. Our environment is a natural living thing. Just like our body's, when we eat all this crap with chemicals we get sick and blame it on our family line. You have the power to change your body by putting what was meant in your body. The same goes with our world it rejects chemical and gets sick. Why can't we put in our environment what it accepts? Would you put water in your car instead of gasoline? Of course you wouldn't because it will get sick and die. We don't think of the environment this way, rather if we are comfortable or not. We can not be afraid of change. If you call this jumping on a ban wagon I guess I am then and I don't mind taking a hit for it.
Great, but I think you are preaching to the converted here (mostly).
I agree with everything you say.
Click the links, you will see we have been Eco (Green) for many years.
I like the a colaborative approach here, polemics have their place too,
but here is where the good guys are.
You will find this debate about low VOC or and toxicity
has been here for a while, just join in and contribute.
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